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Radical Renovators

Lydia and Lawrence were featured in the Times Home section discussing the trials and tribulations of living in a renovation project.

Journalist Hugh Graham from the Sunday Times, spent the day at Mabel’s Farmhouse for a taste of the authentic experience of living in a renovation project. Lydia & Lawrence shared their top tips with Hugh on “How To Live With A Renovation”:

  • Only stay on site during a build if you’re prepared to take your time. 

  • Don’t consider it if you have children or a family member with health problems. 

  • Only do it if you can keep the bathroom operational. 

  • Sequence the order of construction so you will always have a functioning kitchen, as well as somewhere to sleep. 

  • Establish a sanctuary you can escape to so the whole house isn’t a construction site. 

  • Have a room you can keep airtight to protect it from dust, for storing valuable objects and furniture. 

  • Buy freestanding kitchen units and compact furniture that can be moved around. 

  • If you work from home, rent an office. 

For for more information visit the Times article or our project page for more



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