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LUXE Fitness shortlisted in the prestigious British Interior Design Awards

The British Institute of Interior Design has revealed its shortlist for the 2024 BIID Interior Design Awards and we’re thrilled that our project for LUXE Fitness has made the shortlist for the South-west and Wales region. 


Judges comments on our shortlisting:


“The fitness centre's design process prioritised narrative alignment, resulting in an edgy, vibrant space within Bristol's Beacon Tower. Innovations like a backlit staircase addressed safety concerns, while bespoke chandeliers added dramatic flair. Visual impact was achieved through dark hues and industrial finishes, creating a nightclub-like ambiance. Functionality was key in repurposing the former restaurant space, with meticulous zoning and equipment placement. Client satisfaction was evident, leading to industry recognition. Craftsmanship and execution were meticulous, ensuring seamless integration of design elements. Sustainability efforts focused on social value, using recycled materials and lean design principles. The outcome is a dynamic, inclusive fitness space promoting wellness.”


Judging is ongoing through the summer and the winner is announced in a the magnificent Drapers' Hall on the 17th October


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