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Lockdown Gym Receives Planning Permission

Outbuilding gym London SIPS Conservation Area external cladding

We don’t normally work in London, however lockdown has taught us that it is possible to work remotely and sometimes the right client is just too good an opportunity to miss!

During lockdown we were approached by a celebrity personal trainer to design a new outbuilding in his garden to act as a gym and filming studio. We have never met the client in person or visited the site. We were able to design the new outbuilding remotely, with the help of a high quality measured survey, liaising with the client and consultants via zoom.

Outbuilding gym London SIPS conservation area interior design

The building is located in the Ruislip Village Conservation Area and was in close proximity to a significant and protected oak tree. Design Storey collaborated closely with the structural engineer and arboriculturalist to devise an appropriate foundation design to minimise disturbance of the tree roots.

Although the outbuilding is substantial, planning permission was granted due to the high quality design and the fact that there would be minimum damage to the trees.

We are delighted that the project just received planning permission and can’t wait to see it built and feature on YouTube soon!

Read more about the project and its design challenges on our project page.

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