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The Cotswold Coach House

Two minimal glazed additions complement a curtilage-listed coach house in the Cotswolds.

Inspired by a historic map, these two glass box extensions were added to a curtilage-listed former coach house, located in a beautiful walled garden, in the Cotswolds town of Chipping Campden. The new additions, greatly increase the sense of space in the cottage, creating new light-filled rooms that truly bring the outside in.

Bespoke benches provide useful storage in each of the spaces created by the walled garden and provide an opportunity to pause and view the surrounding landscape. Careful consideration was given to the detailing and structural design through collaboration with an engineer with conservation experience. This ensured that only a single column was required in the dining room, which was very slender in order minimise its visual impact.

The minimalistic structure and slimline aluminium doors ensure that this new intervention is legible and distinct from the more robust and solid existing building. A limited material palette of zinc and handmade bricks complements the Cotswold stone of the existing building whilst harking back to the building’s industrial roots.

“Sometimes a modern extension can transform the way we live and bring pleasure to the daily routine.

In these extensions the strong connection between inside and outside and the light and airy spaces created contrast vividly with the inward looking and relatively dark spaces of the original building. It is this contrast, combined with the elegant detailing of the extension, that contribute to the scheme’s success”

“Listed and Modern” -  Listed Property Owner’s Club Magazine